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Chronic pain is one of the most disabling and troublesome conditions that we face today. Most of the existing options for treating Chronic Pain are generally ineffective in dealing with anything more than low moderate to mild pain, and are associated with substantial risks of drug tolerance or side effects, addiction, and dependence.  Pain has become an accepted part of our lives and we live in pain for so long that it never enters our minds that this is an unnatural state!  Getting to the root of pain while at the same time combating it creates the synergy needed to overcome it!


By looking at the entire body, Doctor Darryl will help support the body using nutrition, herbs and supplements (to help balance inflammation) and Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy to help stop pain at the cellular level!   See video below for a testimonial about PEMF!



A PEMF device (that uses pulsed electromagnetic frequency technology) functions as an external generating source that provides the magnetic field needed for the expansion and contraction of cells. This enables the cells to circulate nutrients better, to move blood-oxygen through cells, and helps cells to detoxify. Additionally, the Magnetic Field might help the cells to re-charge themselves.

Concerning chronic pain reduction, PEMF can be used as an electrotherapeutic. It helps to improve blood circulation, not by increasing blood pressure or heartbeat, but by optimizing energy of the very cells in the capillaries and arteries. Improved circulation also alleviates pain by reducing edema (swelling), regenerating diseased and damaged tissue, and repairing fractured and torn bones and tendons. The body’s natural magnetic field is formed through the transmission of electric impulses through cell membranes and the flow of electrically charged ions in and out of cells.


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Updated: January 19, 2020 — 6:49 pm

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