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This 5 minute exam shows us the energy in your body!

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What is Acugraph?

The AcuGraph digital imagining system is a computerized tool we use to analyze and document the energetic neural pathways in the body and current energy levels. We measure this as part of our examination by touching a probe Involving electrical currents on specific areas of the hands and feet showing us what neural-pathways are properly functioning, overworking, and preforming at a deficient rate than should be normal. each exam is recorded and allows us to have a running history to show you the progress of your treatment. The examination causes no pain or discomfort!

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Frequently Asked Questions!


How can Acugraph help me?

The AcuGraph system allows your practitioner to measure and analyze the energy level of each acupuncture meridian. Armed with this information, your healthcare practitioner can make better-informed decisions about your condition, and provide the best treatment possible.


What are Meridians?

Meridians are energy pathways in your body that have been used therapeutically for over 5000 years. These meridians conduct life-force energy, or Qi (pronounced “chee”) in and around all the parts of your body. Blockage or interference in these meridian pathways can result in energetic imbalances that may contribute to negative health conditions. The primary goal of acupuncture treatment is to restore energetic balance and proper energy flow to these meridians, thus allowing your body to function normally and return to health naturally.


Will I have to undress for the exam?

The exam itself is brief and comfortable. You will need to remove your shoes and socks, and sit or lie comfortably during the exam. You will hold a metal bar in one hand, and your practitioner will touch a probe lightly to your skin in various spots on your hands and feet. During the exam, you will hear the computer produce tones that mean the exam is progressing properly. The entire exam takes 2 -5 minutes.

Is the exam safe and will I feel anything?

AcuGraph uses a tiny electric current to test the conductivity of each of your acupuncture meridians. This electrical current is extremely safe for infants, children, adults and the elderly alike. In fact, the only safety concern at all is when there is a pacemaker or other implanted medical device present. In that case, the AcuGraph exam is not performed.  The tip of the probe will be moist, so you will feel the moisture where the probe touches your skin. But it’s very unlikely you’ll feel the electric current. It’s far too small to be felt in most cases.