Flower Essence Therapy

Flower Essence Therapy

What is Flower Essence Therapy and how does it work?

In an emotionally toxic world more and more people are becoming overwhelmed emotionally.  How we react to our emotional environment lays the foundation for both our emotional and physical health.  More and more as we “treat the symptoms” of illness, our emotional needs go without care, ignored and neglected.  Being emotionally imbalanced has a huge effect on our quality of life, our physical health and the physical & emotional health of those who love us.

In the 1930’s a medical doctor by the name of Edward Bach studied the essences of flowers in order to find their healing frequencies.  What he discovered was that the frequency of flowers have the ability to adjust our emotions.  Rooted in his passion for homeopathy he eventually discovered 38 flowers who essences could adjust any emotion of human beings and animals.  Flower essence is often compared to homeopathy in that the essence of the flower is extracted leaving the pure energy of the flower itself  When taken internally there is a subtle nudge to our emotions in an effort to bring our emotions back into balance.  In-balance can include fear, anger, hurt, sadness or any out of control emotion or mental state that is affecting your life.


What Happens During A Flower Essence Consult ?

Prior to your session you will have filled out an “Emotional Wellness” form giving an idea of your current emotional state as well as placing check marks in boxes that reflect how you feel.  Doctor Darryl will have received and studied your submission prior to your appointment.

During the session Doctor Darryl will discuss with your current emotional state. After assessing your needs a remedy of flower essences will be selected and custom made for you.  Doctor Darryl will also discuss with you in detail how to take the flower essence tincture and how often. There is no additional cost for the remedy itself.  For in person visits the remedy will be custom made for you while you wait.  For virtual visits the remedy will be made and sent to you within 1 business day!

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any side effects to Flower Essence Therapy or interaction with medication?

  • There are no side effects to Flower Essence Therapy Tinctures.  Flower Essences are similar to homeopathy in that the physical material is take out and the energetic vibration is left.  Because of this if you are presented with frequency that is already in. balance then your body simply disregards it.  The frequencies that are out of balance are slowly brought back into balance by these frequencies.  Because of this they also will not have any impact on medication.

How much do I take and how often?

  • On average you will take 4 drops under your tongue 4 times per day.  You may also place 4-6 drops in water and sip on the water throughout the day.  If you are having a particularly bad day you may take it more often.  During your session Doctor Darryl will give you detailed instructions on how to use your remedy.

How long will the tincture last and how do I get refills?

  • On average your tincture should last you 45-60 days.  Flower Essence Remedies are designed to bring your frequency back into balance.  When this happens you often feel the expression of new emotions because once an emotion is balanced others might surface because it was hidden by a more negative one.  If your bottle is near being empty and you simply want to reorder you will be given a link to reorder your last remedy along with a much shorter form to fill out.  After your form is reviewed by Doctor Darryl your duplicate remedy will be mixed and sent to you within.1 business day.  The fee for this is $35.00 and it includes US Shipping.   We strongly recommend setting up a full session once or twice a year to determine if new emotions are out of balance.